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IT Services. Maintenance of servers and computers.
Video surveillance systems.

√ We are always ready to help you - even on weekends and holidays.

√ Quick response - the request response time is a matter of minutes.

√ We have everything we need - no need to provide a workplace and tools.

√ We do not take sick leave and holiday - unlike the system administrator.

√ We do not ask for a raise  - by position and / or salary.

√ Individual approach  - for you contractual individual prices.

 The Prof-Service company renders services in service of computers, adjustment and service of servers in Kharkiv. Design and installation of local computer networks based on a wired network, as well as wireless technologies. Configuration and maintenance of the general information and technical (IT) structure of the enterprises. Professional design and installation of video surveillance systems, maintenance and repair of analog and digital video surveillance systems.

The experience of our system administrators in the field of IT outsourcing is more than 10 years, all our specialists are certified professionals in the field of IT technologies, with many years of experience and work experience. Over the years, countless work has been done on setting up Kharkiv servers, server maintenance, customer service for Kharkiv computers, setting up a network and network equipment, installing a computer network, installing video surveillance systems. We have established reliable partnerships with various enterprises, firms and organizations of Kharkov, Ukraine, Russia and Europe.

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses, as well as fairly large enterprises and organizations.

The subject of our pride is also the fact that our first client has been with us for more than 11 years and is happy to use our services to this day. This is an indicator for us - we maintain the high quality of the services provided and value every order, every client. And the wording - "the client should always be satisfied!" for us it is not a formal slogan, but one of the main goals of cooperation.

Call our phones, and we will repair computers in Kharkiv, service computers in Kharkiv, and also solve any issue with communication, cloud, virtual, dedicated server or other equipment. Do not waste time and money in vain and do not entrust your tasks to unusual self-taught people.

Trust professionals - high-quality and fast solution of IT problems!