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CCTV systems.
Design and installation of video surveillance.

√ We will go to the site to determine the task of the video surveillance system;

√ We will give recommendations on the choice of equipment and placement of CCTV cameras;

√ We will draw up a professional optimal project;

√ We will agree on all the points of installation;

√ We will make an estimate for materials and work;

√ We conclude a contract for the installation of a video surveillance system of the facility;

√ We will carry out professional installation exactly in time agreed with the customer;

√ We will configure all cameras and a video surveillance recorder;

√ We will test all nodes of the video surveillance system;

√ We will give a guarantee for work 6 months.

 Video surveillance systems have become a very dense part of the life of enterprises, companies and organizations. In the modern world, any manager understands that in any business process control over employees, movement of goods, warehouses, etc. is needed. A video surveillance system allows you to track and control important objects, warehouses or production. Monitoring can be carried out both in real time on monitors, and allows you to view recordings from cameras for different periods of time. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of video surveillance systems and it is extremely difficult to keep everything under control without the help of video cameras.

Modern video surveillance systems are built exclusively on digital video cameras. The image quality of digital cameras allows you to get high quality video recording and clear detailed picture. The installation of the video surveillance system is carried out with a copper cable (twisted pair of category 5e), through which the video signal and power supply for cameras (PoE) go. Video recordings are stored on video recorders or video surveillance servers.

The company "PROF-Service" carries out the design and installation of video surveillance systems in Kharkov and the region.
We will perform a video surveillance system of any complexity in the shortest possible time - professionally and reliably!