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Repair, customization and maintenance computers,
 laptops, monoblocks and other computer equipment.

√ We will diagnose a computer or laptop breakdown;

√ We will give recommendations on the best option for repair or replacement;

√ We will complete the work as soon as possible;

√ We will carry out diagnostics after repair.

Our employees have a higher technical education and many years of experience with both technology and people. Loyal prices, responsible attitude to work and your computer complexities.

It happens that one or more of the computer's nodes stop working or work incorrectly (crash). This can happen for various reasons, for example:

  • power surges;
  • strong dust inside the computer;
  • physical obsolescence of the device;
  • manufacturing defects.

According to statistics, most often fail:

  • power supplies (due to power surges in our electrical networks);
  • video cards (due to overheating);
  • keyboard (due to careless handling).

 For our specialists, it doesn't matter what happened to the computer (laptop, monoblock), it is important for us to fix and repair everything. The cost of repairing a computer (laptop, monoblock) depends on many factors and in each case the price is different, you can find our basic prices in the section "Cost of services", subsection "Computer maintenance".