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Corporate service of computers Kharkiv

√ We will select the optimal service rates.

√ We will audit all workstations, networks and servers.

√ We will set up printers, install office software, antiviruses, server protection.

√ We will recommend updating or replacing equipment.

√ We will give the contacts of the coordinator for accepting applications.

√ We will determine the minimum reaction time and conclude an agreement.

√ The subscription service of computers includes almost all types of work related to information technology.

√ This service involves remote maintenance and configuration of computers, servers, office equipment.

√ The subscription fee for services is agreed upon based on the volume of the park of computers, office equipment, servers and network infrastructure.

√ Payment is made on a monthly basis in a fixed amount and does not depend on the number of problems encountered during the month... No matter how many problems arise - we decide everything, no matter how much time and effort it takes, we are at your complete disposal. Our task is to organize the work of office equipment so that you have problems and breakdowns as rarely as possible.

√ Our phones are available around the clock, we are ready to give advice, respond to any of your questions or problems, and if we need our personal participation, we can promptly drive up and provide high-quality assistance.

Here are the main services included in the concept of "computer subscription":

1. Selection of computers, setting up computers, servicing computers and repairing computers (stationary and laptop).
2. Selection of office equipment, equipment setup.
3. Consulting and support for office users (staff).
4. Designing a local network, installing a network and setting up a local network of an organization.
5. Server setup and server and enterprise maintenance.

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