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Installation of computer networks.

√ We will go to the object to determine the task on the computer network.

√ We will draw up a professional optimal project.

√ We will agree on all the points of installation.

√ We will make an estimate for materials and work.

√ We conclude a contract for the installation of a computer network.

√ We will carry out professional installation exactly on time agreed with the customer.

√ We will test all nodes and endpoints of the network.

√ We will give a guarantee for work 6 months.

 Installation is carried out with a copper cable (twisted pair of categories 5e and 6e). At the network design stage, the proposed cable routes are monitored (optimization of highways in length and technological safety, minimization of electromagnetic interference from power cables, etc.). The project includes the most hidden laying of cable lines (behind gypsum walls, above a suspended ceiling, in cable ducts) and almost always in a corrugated pipe.

 Design, installation and configuration of the local network Kharkiv is carried out in the shortest possible time, for example, installation in three rooms for 10 computer points will be completed in 1-2 days, provided that there are no unforeseen situations... After completion of the work, it is necessary to carry out commissioning.

Installation of a corporate network between offices or remote sites is performed with fiber optic cable. We work with all major providers in Kharkov, connect to the Internet and corporate networks. When using a corporate network, all objects of your company can be combined into a single corporate local network, in which you can easily exchange information with branches, work in a single central database. The corporate network is protected from intrusions from the Internet at the physical level by means of network equipment. Additional protection of communication channels of the corporate network is carried out by encryption using the VPN protocol.

Call us and we will promptly perform the installation of a computer network in Kharkov.