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Maintenance of corporate servers
on the platform Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019 Server, Linux server.

The PROF-Service company carries out a full range of works on organizing corporate servers of companies and enterprises. Cloud and dedicated servers, buying and renting a server, setting up a server and server hardware, repairing and maintaining servers on various platforms (Windows Server, Linux), various versions of server systems.

√ We will help you understand which server you need, dedicated or virtual;

√ Let's decide to buy a server or rent;

√ Determine the capacity of the server, select the configuration;

√ We will offer wholesale purchase prices or a reliable data center for rent;

√ Install the server from scratch and migrate the data;

√ We will build secure communication channels with the server and configure the firewall;

√ Set up automated data backup;

√ We conclude a contract for the server maintenance (support);

When choosing a technical solution for organizing a corporate server, various questions arise. For example, rent a server or buy your own ... If you rent, then a cloud or dedicated server, as well as where the server should be geographically ... And if you buy your own server, how much is it advisable? What is the optimal solution to choose in terms of price and power? We know the answers to these and many other questions! For our clients, we have purchased many servers of different prices and capacities, we rent a server, both cloud (virtual) and dedicated. We will help you understand which version of the corporate server implementation is optimal for your company and enterprise.

For our clients, we recommend reliable data centers for renting or hosting corporate servers. Data centers with which we cooperate have a reliability level of at least TIER III.